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The food inspector / Laboratory Technician 2:

Have work experience can be.

There are food inspection certificate, food engineering or related professional college education.

The company is mainly responsible for incoming inspection of raw materials; raw materials, semi-finished and finished product testing. Detection project involves soy sauce, sauce, vinegar, oils, etc.


1. Any gender, residence not limited to, marketing professional priorities;

2. The relevant food industry sales management and marketing experience can be, plus a guest relations situation;

3. Good communication skills and business development capabilities, good professionalism, hardworking, have a strong sense of responsibility;

Regional manager

1, more than 2 years in spices, food channel, or end-user sales experience;

2, has good communication skills, self-motivated;

3, according to the marketing plan, completion of the regional sales targets;

4, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales;

Contact: Chen Haifeng

Phone: 15913191857